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September 29th, 2009


Hmmm I love fall.  I love the colors, the change in the weather.. the need to wear socks. This might sound weird but it makes me happy to have to throw that extra blanket on the bed and cuddle up with someone, and the pups. :D

Things are going alright. I turned 27, without much incedient. Josh and I went out to dinner. It was really nice. My favorite part was that my phone went off mutliple times that day to tell me people had remembered my birthday. When I was growing up I looked foward to the presents and the cake. When I came to college I looked foward to going out and having a good times with friends, dancing the night away that kind of thing. This year it was nice just to get some simple 'Happy Birthday' messages and spend time with someone I care about. Maybe I'm getting old, or maybe I'm just gaining a different perspective.

Class is going well, we're into week 4 (of 6). I'm keeping up on the reading, as best I can, and the assignments and participation. My personal goal is to keep a 3.5 average or better. We'll see how I do.

Josh and I are heading to my parents this weekend. He's never been to my hometown and I figured it might be nice to get out of the North Country for the weekend. I hoping it'll be a good trip. :D

Otherwise not much going on, I subbed for the first time at the elemantary school last week. I was a libarary aid. It was definatly and interesting day. I have another sub day coming up in Oct but it's only for 3 hours. But hey work is work.

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